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Electric Brewing Supply 360 Series Control

360 Series Firmware Update

months Horner does provide a firmware update, this software is separate from our 360 series software. Look at it as the bios to the motherboard, and our software the operating system. The firmware updates are important but not critical in most cases.

Automatic Start Conrol

For those that need the convenience of an HLT shut down when they aren't brewing but would like it to begin heating over night, prior to a brew day; we have implemented an auto start function. Set the time based on when you hope to brew and proceed t

Local Fermentation Feature

Congratulations on your choice of the 360 series controller. With the advent of revisions starting November 1, 2019; most if not all main brew control panels (excludes Nano Electric) will have capacity for up to 2 Local Fermentationvessels to be cont

VFD Control Setup

If you purchased a 360 series brewhouse controller, and either added VFD at the time of order, or purchased later on; the setup steps will be the same. We have pre-configured all panels with version 1.3 of our code to have VFD control function.The...

Updating your 360 Control Software

Before updating, insure you have firmware version 15.20 as a minimum. To do this confirm by the following steps:Tap the top right corner of your controller. You'll see a menu appear.Select SystemIn the system screen you will see View Status,...

Step Mash Control feature

One of the handiest features found on our 360 series controllers is the step mash function and control. What this means is you can set a mash schedule up prior to brewing and let the computer take over.The software is limited to 4 steps and will...

Setting up the 360 network address

First step in setting up your new 360 controller for its web page interface function is to setup the network address on your controller.In order to setup the address, you will need to learn some details about your computer network. You will also...

Meet your new control screen - Main Screen

The 360 Series touch control panel is a convenient and powerful touch control unit with many features built in to extend as much functionality as we can to you in one controller. This means we include the ability to control your brewing...