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Swapping out an EBSP200Updated 9 days ago

On occassion, a user may need to replace a PID. Whether this is for a software malfunction, software configuration glitch or a bad chip on the unit would be tested for. As to repairing the PID, reach out us as we offer 90 days full swap warranty.

For a quick swap, the good news is no wires need to be removed to accomplish this task.

In the even you have to swap out the PID, as long as the wiring isn't the problem, the repair is very simple and only needs a flat head screw driver or razor to make it simple to swap.

On each side of the PIDs front bezel, you will find a notch. This notch is a finger grab.

Using your fingers, or for better luck, use a razor edge on the corner. Pulling forward and out.

Swap out and gently push in the new unit.

You will need to update your PID configuration such as alarms, input type, and units on power up.

Video demonstration:

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